• Why can I see the products on the site but when I wish to purchase them I am unsuccessful?

All visitors to the site will be able to see the products on offer, but only those who have registered for an account on Wildway are able to buy.

      • Where can I find the Terms and conditions for this site?

You can find Wildway’s T’s and C’s, under the information tab of the site.

      • I don’t understand some of these T’s and C’s, what can I do?

You can contact Wildway directly, so that we can explain them to you, before you accept the T&Cs by using or buying from the site.

      • My details have changed since I last registered, what must I do?

Please promptly update your account and other information, including your email address and credit card numbers and expiration dates, so that we can complete your transactions and contact you as needed.

      • Who owns and runs this site?

The site is owned and run by Wildway, a division owned by Corpikit cc., a company incorporated in the Republic of South Africa. More information about Wildway is available in the T’s and C’s under the information tab of this site.

      • Is everything I see on this site available?

Stock of all items on offer is limited. Wildway will make all reasonable attempts to ensure that product offers are removed from the site when stock runs out.

      • What happens if I order something that is out of stock?

If it happens that Wildway is unable to fulfill any order that has been paid for, because stock is sold out, Wildway will let you know and you’ll be entitled to a reimbursement.

      • Does this site only stock Wildway brands?

Although this site is recognized by and offers Wildway products, some products may be of different branding such as:

– Patrick J. golfers:  A high quality golfer brand

– Restless: originally a sports brand which later expanded its range

– Top Net and JPA: a brand for limited edition golfers

Wildway endeavors to ensure that the quality and workmanship is of these related brands are of Wildway’s standard.

      • Can I reserve a product for later?

Products on Wildway cannot be reserved to be bought at a later stage, and placing an item in your basket without completing the order does not amount to a sale or an order. Wildway cannot be held responsible if an order has become unavailable by the time you try to complete a purchase at a later stage.

      • How do I get an invoice for my purchase?

The invoice for your purchase will be available online in the “My Account” section on the site. Wildway also includes a copy of this invoice in your parcel.

      • What entitles me to free delivery?

For orders of R1000 or more, Wildway delivers free of charge within South Africa, either door-to-door (Fastway) or door-to-post office counter (Post office) depending on size of parcel and where you are located. Wildway will advise you via email as to which delivery method your parcel will be sent with.

      • What happens if the site calculates the shipping price incorrectly?

Every reasonable effort is taken to ensure that the delivery costs displayed on the site are correct at the time of your purchase. However, if a delivery fee is incorrectly displayed Wildway will return payments already made by you where you choose to cancel the sale once you have been made aware of the correct delivery fee.

      • What methods of payment are available to pay for my order?

Wildway accepts payments made by Visa and MasterCard Credit Cards as well as chipped debit cards that have been activated for online purchases, and Electronic Funds Transfer (“EFT”).

      • How long do I have to make an EFT after placing my order?

When selecting to pay by EFT, you have 24 hours post placing your order to make the payment.

What do I use as my reference when paying via EFT?

Please be sure to use your order number as your reference. This will ensure that Wildway can process your order as quickly as possible.

      • How long can it take for my payment to reflect in Wildway’s bank account?

Depending on the bank, it can take up to 3 days from the time you make the payment to when it appears in our bank account.

      • When will Wildway start processing my order?

Wildway will start processing the order once your bank forwards your payment to us. The delivery lead time starts once Wildway has received the payment from your bank.

      • When and where will Wildway deliver my parcel?

Wildway delivers within business hours in the Republic of South Africa. As the buyer, you indicate where in South Africa you require delivery, as well as contact numbers to be used in connection with delivery. In the case of door-to-door delivery (courier – Fastway), your parcel will be delivered to the address you specified in the checkout process. In the case of door-to-counter delivery (Post Office), your order will be delivered to the post-office nearest to your address.

      • What happens if I’m not home when they deliver my parcel?

We advise that you rather use your business address as your shipping address when placing an order, or the address where you will be at during working hours, however if it happens that nobody is present at the address at the time of delivery, our courier will on the second attempt of delivery use the mobile phone number you provided in your order and/or leave a note to indicate that there was an attempted delivery. Thereafter, it will be your responsibility to call the Wildway Call Centre (011 672 0874) or send an email to info@wildwayafrica.com to arrange delivery at your own expense.

      • How long will it take for me to get my parcel?

From the time payment is received in our account, the estimated maximum delivery time for an order in South Africa – either door-to-door or door-to-post office counter – is 8 working days.

      • Between what times will my parcel be delivered?

All Wildway deliveries take place during business hours i.e. there are no deliveries over weekends or on public holidays.

      • What responsibilities do I have, when signing for my package?

It is your responsibility, as buyer, to ensure that you inspect the parcel on arrival and makes known any justifiable complaints. The receiver has the right to refuse the parcel if it appears to have been opened or if it has clearly been damaged. Such complaints and claims must be brought to the attention of Wildway by calling our call center at 011 672 0874, or live chat (Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 16:00).

      • How do I track the progress on my parcel?

Tracking your parcel if sent by courier – Fastway:

Once your parcel has been shipped, you will be sent your unique Fastway Label Number, after which you can follow the status of delivery on Fastway’s tracking system, by following the following link:


This link will take you to a webpage that looks as follows:


You can enter your unique Fastway label number, select Track, and this will take you to the status of delivery.

Tracking your parcel if sent by post:

Once your parcel has been shipped, you will be sent your tracking number after which you can follow the status of delivery on the post office’s tracking system, by following the following link:


This link will take you to a webpage that looks as follows:


You can enter your tracking number, select Submit, and this will take you to the status of delivery.

Does Wildway deliver to PO Boxes?

No Wildway does not deliver to PO Boxes but to your nearest Post office counter, for this reason it is important that you provide your zip code on the customer detail form.

      • I’ve checked the tracking system but it gives me no indication as to where my parcel is, what do I do?

If the tracking systems do not provide any indication to where the parcel is, you need to please call the Wildway call center at 011 672 0874, live chat (Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 16:00) or send an email to info@wildwayafrica.com  for information on delivery progress.

      • Where can I find Wildway’s Returns, Exchange and reimbursement policy?

You can find Wildway’s Returns, exchange and reimbursement policy under the customer service tab on this site.

      • I’ve lost my invoice, where can I find a copy of this invoice?

Complete records of each transaction between you and Wildway are kept on the site under “My Account > Order History” you’ll be able to view and print out these records.

      • How long am I able to view these sale records viewable on my account?

Wildway will keep a record of your purchases on the site for 12 months – under “My Account > Order History”. After the 12-month period the responsibility of keeping such record falls onto you.

      • Where can I find a copy of Wildway’s Privacy Policy?

Wildway’s Privacy Policy can be found under the Information tab on this site.

      • Do you have any shops that stock Wildway products?

Wildway do not have their own stores but we do supply retailers, to find a list of these retailers please look for them under the Information tab and go to Stockists. Please note that Wildway cannot guarantee that the retail stores stock levels and product variety will match that of the online store

      • I’ve seen your products and I would like to sell them in my store, how do I go about doing this?

If you wish to stock our products in your retail store, please contact us directly by calling 011 6740 0874 or by sending us an email at info.wildwayafrica.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

      • How do I make sure that what I buy online will fit me?

The sizing guide is designed to help you select your correct size bearing in mind that these do not take into account individual fit preferences. The size spec sheet covers a spectrum of however some garments have different fits to others, therefore please feel free to request a spec sheet for a specific product or visit a Wildway stockist near you to check or test the fit before placing your order. Please find the general garment sizing guide under the Customer Service tab on this site.

      • What happens if I buy something and when I get it, it doesn’t fit me?

As previously mentioned we have implemented previsions to ensure selection of correct fit, therefore we are not obligated to entertain return or exchange. However please do request a RMA form, found under the Returns, Exchange and Reimbursement Policy tab, under the Customer Service tab of this site, and send it through to us, after which Wildway will evaluate each case individually.

      • How do I prolong the life of my garment?

Please find the Garment Care Guide under the Customer Service tab of this site, we have formulated this guide to help you prolong the life of your garments and to help you prevent shrinkage and bleaching of high quality fabrics.

How do I find Wildway’s corporate information?

Wildway’s corporate information can be found in the Terms and Conditions under the Information tab of this site.

      • The question I had hasn’t been answered yet, what can I do?

For any assistance please contact us via telephone 011 672 0874, email info@wildwayafrica.com or live chat.